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"At Senior living alliance, we create positive outcomes one resident at a time."  Senior Living Alliance is a support service and data management company uniquely positioned to increase the top line revenue of our senior living partners. Our low risk, high reward system, focuses on your most important lead, existing residents.  



Our approach to maximizing revenue management, through the science of behavioral economics, is a new cutting edge technology developed specifically for the senior living industry. By closing “the back door” through attrition management, our team provides an effective low cost solution to reduce resident move outs. With the massive growth and increase in number of available units in the marketplace, our diverse team of industry experts have developed this proprietary science of revenue recapture. 


Why Us?

What differentiates our service from other survey companies is that our team knows senior living, we love seniors, and we make live person to person connection calls.  We connect at 95.6% when conducting our resident satisfaction survey.  A traditional paper survey connects at 11-12% at best and are done maybe once a year.  Our service is a constant gauge of monthly check ins for new move ins, existing residents, and people who have given notice to move out.  Survey scorecards provide your operators with actionable items and tools that are designed to increase resident length of stay.  Every survey will include a list of unresolved issues, services areas of concern, tons of resident verbatim comments, individual star rating based on a 5-point scale, company averages and more.

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